Touchless car wash

Super Shine Car and Pet Wash (formerly Squeaky Clean Car and Pet Wash) offers a premium, automatic, touchless car wash. The touchless station cleans without brushes or mechanical devices. Using only softened water and cleaning agents, it provides you with an easy, efficient way to wash your car—while you remain in your car. There are 3 washes to choose from below:


Our car wash teller accepts credit cards, cash or coin, and our wash/gift cards, which are rechargeable and save 20% on all washes. We also have a change machine right inside the door.

Super Shine has 2 vacuum centers for your vehicle's interior. Each center features a vacuum and shampoo machine as well as a vacuum and fragrance machine and floor mat cleaner. Just inside our building is a vending machine that stocks car fresheners, car wipes, glass cleaner wipes and more!

The Touchless Car Wash is Open 6:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Located At 5 Industrial Road, Walkerton ON